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Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)


Who are MOOCs for?

The online courses are flexible in terms of time, are independent of location, and are aimed at the public, although varying types of prior knowledge are required for each MOOC. The MOOCs can be taken as preparation for a degree course, or as a supplement to it.

How much does it cost to participate in a MOOC?

Participation is free. Obtaining a certificate, and participation in the tasks and exams required to obtain it, are voluntary and subject to a fee. Coursera offers financial support in cases of hardship.

Do I need to be matriculated at UZH to take part in a MOOC?

Nothing – MOOCs are open to all interested learners. They are online courses that allow you to take part in innovative and research-based education without any formal requirements, e.g. without a high school graduation certificate. By participating in a MOOC, you do not enter into any legal relationship with UZH.

Will I receive a MOOC certificate from UZH?

No, the Course Certificate will be issued by the company Coursera, not UZH. A MOOC certificate is not an official UZH document and is not an official UZH assessment.

As a participant, is my personal data protected?

Coursera is a company that has its legal seat in the USA. Coursera collects detailed usage data related to your participation in a MOOC. This is processed and stored in the USA. The USA does not meet the levels of data protection that are considered adequate in Switzerland. In order to use the Coursera platform to participate in a MOOC, you must register on its platform.

To participate in a MOOC, you must consent in advance to Coursera processing your data. For details about this, please read the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy on the Coursera website.

I am matriculated at UZH. Can my professors access information on my performance in their MOOC?

In accordance with UZH internal regulations, UZH employees are not allowed to evaluate MOOC usage data, whether it concerns UZH participants or not, or to request personal data about UZH participants from Coursera. However, please be aware that, in some cases, the teaching staff can determine the identity of the participants as part of the normal course administration, for example, if you provide your name in discussion forums and peer assessments, or if you post something or submit a piece of work or evaluation.